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Our Father

His Story

His Story

The Abduction of Jamshid Sharmahd


At the end of July, Jamshid Sharmahd was transiting through Dubai on his way to India for a work trip, when we lost all communication with him. We were able to follow his movements, as he was being taken to the country of Oman through his shared location on Google Maps, from where he then completely vanished. A few days later we saw him on Iranian national TV, blindfolded and swollen, forced to confess to crimes he has not committed. This was the shocking video the Intelligence Ministry of Iran released. We are still in absolute disbelief that this happened. The regime says they are holding him captive in Iran, where they are denying him his rights to due process. We don't know of his exact whereabouts. We don't know if he is being kept in humane conditions, or if he is getting any of his medication.


Jamshid Sharmahd immigrated to Germany in the 80s and then to the US in 2003 with his wife and children. He is amazing father, a devoted husband, and the foundation that holds our family together. Our father always put the family needs before his own because he is a father first than anything.

Jamshid Sharmahd was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago. He is always working hard to give us and the people around him a better future. Although he is a software engineer by trade, he is a tremendous advocate for human rights, dedicating most of his life and time to speak out on behalf of the oppressed people of Iran through radio and social media. Our father is the true definition of a freedom fighter.

Jamshid, who endlessly fights and speaks on the behalf of others, now needs the help from all of us to get his freedom back. We the need help of all the citizens, reporters, friends, families, and officials from the free world to bring our father back home safely and unharmed.

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How everything happened
until now.

1.1955: Born

  • Birthplace of Tehran, Iran.

2.1983: Flees Iran

  • Jamshid leaves Iran with his wife and one-year-old daughter.
  • The family migrates to Germany.

3.1989: Completes his formal education.

  • Graduates and receives his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

4.1995: Receives his German citizenship

  • Citizenship through naturalization.

5.1997: Creates Sharmahd Computing GmbH

6.2003: Moved to California, U.S.A.

7.2006: Created Tondar.org

  • Jamshid created the news website tondar.org

8.2009: Assassination attempt on Jamshid

  • The assassin got cold feet and turned himself in.

9.March 2020: Business Trip

  • He leaves for a 3-week trip to India and Germany for new Contract Opportunities.
  • His flight leaves from LAX to Mumbai on March 5th 2020, with a return ticket to LAX designated for March 31st.
  • Due to COVID-19 India intensifies restrictions until it completely shuts down all travel and unessential businesses in the country in mid-March.
  • All travel, within the cities, intercity, or internationally is strictly prohibited for initially 2 weeks. This ban was extended approximately 5 more times and Jamshid was on complete lockdown in his hotel for 3 long months. Unable to leave the hotel to even buy food or his medication, this extended lockdown took a major toll on his finances and health condition.

10.June 2020: Failed Return To USA

  • On July 11th he boards a flight that transits through Amsterdam before flying to the USA.
  • In Amsterdam, however, he is not allowed to board the connecting US flight. The USA had placed a travel ban, which limited entry to the country only to US citizens and permanent residents. Even though he has been residing in California for 17 years as a tax payer and legal Visa holder, travel with a Visa is not allowed at that time. The airline advises him to go to his country of citizenship, which is Germany, and contact the US Embassy for further advice.
  • Jamshid, stuck in Europe now, travels back to Germany, where the Embassies just recently reopened for non-essential requests and appointments are given only several months into the future.

11.July 2020: Attempted Return to India

  • After long discussions with his wife in the US, Jamshid decides to fly back to India to at least take advantage of the long delay in his return with new business contracts. The country of India is slowly reopening its businesses and travel roads within and into the country.
  • On July 25th he takes a flight to Dubai, from which point on he is looking for a connection to get to Mumbai in India. Due to repeated flight cancellations his stay in a Hotel near the airport in Dubai takes on a few days.

12.July 28, 2020: Kidnapping from Dubai

  • On July 28th 2020, my mother has the last video chat with my father, who is inside of his Hotel room. After that time, all calls and text messages remain unanswered.
  • For two days there is absolutely no response, however, since my mother has access to his shared location from Google on his cellphone, she is able to track his path over the border to Oman.

13.End of July 2020: Taken to Oman

  • On July 29th at 9:21 his pin started moving from the Dubai Airport hotel and arrived at the city of Al Buraimi, Oman at 15:17, which according to the map was an Islamic school. Worried sick, why her husband is showing up on the map in Oman, she continues to reach out to him for a response. Then the following day, on July 30th at 6:17 the pin moved again from Al Buraimi and arrived at a medical clinic in the harbor city Sohar at 7:12.
  • On the morning of July 31st my mother receives a short text message from my father's phone, stating that he is well, and he will call her. We do not know if that message is truly from my father, or from his kidnappers. The location pin stops off the shore of Oman in the city of Sohar. His cellphone is still on, but without any more responses.

14.August 1, 2020: The Islamic Regimes Crime Confession

  • The next morning, on August 1st, the Islamic Regime of Iran published a video, in which my father is blindfolded, stating his full name, which is followed by coerced confessions to crimes against the regime, which he did not commit.
  • The Intelligence Minister states that they were able to "catch" my father through "a complex operation". They claim that he was "arrested in Iran"
  • Through several other government outlets, including the Sepah-e-Pastaran, it is claimed that he was not in Iran but rather in Turkey. Then they claim that they captured him in Tajikistan. The government of Tajikistan quickly made a statement that this is a false accusation and that no flights into Tajikistan were even possible during the last few weeks due to the COVID lockdown.
  • According to news and media outlets, the borders between Dubai and Oman were also not open for travel during this time, and any crossing that is visible on the Google tracker must have been illegal or known to the Government of Oman.

15.End of September 2020: First Phone Call

  • Our dad called my mother for the first time for her birthday. He was not allowed to say much. We didn't see him.

16.December 2020: Second Phone Call

  • He call again. Again he was not allowed to say much. The German Embassy was bot allowed to access him. We don't know if he is getting his medication or not.

Press Coverage

Since the Incident we have had the opportunity to share what happened with various media outlets worldwide.

We thank all the reporters and Journalists that reached out to tell Jamshid's story and give him a voice, while he is being unjustly detained.

All Press

  • Associated Press
  • Los Angeles Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • AmnestyInternational
  • Tagesschau
  • Radio Liberty
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